3D Printed Breast Tissue may open up Bio printing opportunities

The revolutionary, promising but so far unprofitable field of bioprinting may be given a boost by breast-tissue bioprinter company TeVido.

TeVido’s goal is to produce customized breast implants for reconstructive surgery for women who have undergone mastectomies as a result of breast cancer. The process involves the use of a 3D bioprinter that processes a composite protein material of gelatin and alginate, which are deposited via a modified inkjet type printer on to a gel substrate.

Although still under development, and expected to require significant investment, and years of further research, this type of  3d bioprinting technology offers a potential solution for lumpectomies, and could for instance, expand to the billion dollar U.S. market for breast augmentation, printing implants and nipples (which currently are often tattooed back on).

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