3D Printed Food Designed to Improve Appetite

Netherlands based Research institute TNO is working on a 3D printer to reconstitute (i.e. print out) food puree in a way that it will look like “real” food again.

In nursing homes, residents often lose their appetite because some are only able to eat pureed food. TNO is now developing a 3D printer that prints pureed food in the shape of the food that it is printing. They hope that this will help residents regain their appetites.

Other benefits of food printing include :

  • The technology can help to convert alternative ingredients such as proteins from algae, beet leaves, or even insects into tasty products that are not only healthy but also good for the environment.
  • 3d-printed-foodA food printer opens the door to fully personalised food since products can be made that are specifically designed to suit individual dietary needs and preferences.
  • The printer can also ensure that your personal meal is made at exactly the right time so that you come home to a fresh, healthy meal.
  • Printing food allows enormous freedom of design in terms of not only the 3D shape but also the composition (the ingredients and their ratios), structure, texture and, last but not least, taste. Unique new products can therefore be developed that other methods simply cannot emulate.

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