3D Printing – How Much Will It Cost?

Currently most of us cannot afford (or are not yet able to justify the cost of) a 3D printer of our own – particular if we need to print high detail objects.

There are a number of international 3D Print Services that will print objects – in a variety of materials, and ship them to you. Most of these 3D Print services will also print custom objects if you are able to provide the 3D  data files. However, trying to find the right material at the right price can be tricky.

A new online service called 3D Printing Price Check (3DPPC) takes most of the hard work out of shopping around for 3D Printing Services.


3D Printing Price Check

This new service compares the prices of some of the top 3D printing sites for model/STL files that you provide (or use one of their basic sample files). Not only does 3DPPC compare the prices by using the API of top six 3D Printing services; Shapeways, i.materialise, Ponoko, Sculpteo, Kraftwurx and Panashape, it also gives the option of over 135 materials  with links to that particular material’s unique properties.

You can choose a specific supplier or “class” of material (Ceramics, Elastic, Glass, Metals, Plaster, Plastics, Precious Metals, Sandstone) , and 3DPPC will provide a (seemingly) pretty accurate indication of cost. for a range of related materials from each (or all) of the selected suppliers.