Photo Realistic, Full Colour, 3D Printed Replicas

3D Printing technologies have moved on in leaps and bounds over the last decade, and we now have a huge variety of 3d printer options – at prices which were once considered impossible.

However, for us to make the most of (even the existing) capabilities of 3D printing, and before the idea of 3D Printing REALLY captures the attention of the general public, we need to get a LOT smarter about 3D scanning.

People just don’t want to wait around for minutes to get scanned, in this fast ,moving world we want it right now. Captured Dimensions, a Texas based company, has taken this challenge on board and are able to offer “instant”, full colour 3D scans, which can then be printed out as photo realistic, full colour 3D objects. Their purpose built studio uses an array of DSLRs which capture a 3D image in a “flash” – making it possible to instantly scan babies, pets, people, or anything else which can not sit still for minutes.

Unfortunately, the 3D Scan is just the first step –  processing and printing can take up to a month, so it is still not the fastest service in the world – and costs are also pretty high – ranging from nearly $500 for a 1/12th scale replica top over $2,00 to a 1/5th scale.

Also, you need to physically be there for the scan, so unless you happen to live in Dallas this is probably not an option for you, however, this is a great example of how 3D Scanning and Printing technologies may be applied in the future, and as the technology gets smarter, more portable, faster and cheaper there will undoubtedly be increasing interest from the public.