3D Printing for Flexible Objects

To date 3D printed objects have been mostly rigid as the materials used in 3D printing have traditionally been fairly stiff.  However, Shapeways, have unveiled a  new elastic material for 3D printing that can be used for projects that require a little more flexibility.

3d-printed-shoeShapeways new, flexible 3D printing material is called Elasto Plastic. This strong material can be used where a more rigid material wouldn’t work — one example that Shapeways gave was shoes; another was furniture joints.  They have also suggested potential for non-slip shower mats, corner protectors, flooring and flexible, translucent screens fixed across a frame

Elasto Plastic is not (yet) available to all buyers. It is currently considered an “experimental” material, so for the time being is only being offered as a ‘Maker Material’ — meaning, anyone can order models they have uploaded themselves, but it will not be sold in Shapeways Shops.”